MovieWorks is OPEN!

Published on September 1, 2020

We're excited to welcome you back to the MovieWorks with NEW movies! Tenet shows started yesterday with the "official" opening (and expanded showtimes) this Thursday, September 3rd. It's great to see the movie exactly as the director, Christopher Nolan, intended -- ON THE BIG SCREEN! 

Social distancing means that seating is limited, so please purchase your tickets online in advance. Hot buttered popcorn, luxury recliners, and cinematic escapism are waiting. See you at the movies!

MovieWorks Reopening on Friday, August 28th!

Published on August 24, 2020

This Friday, August 28th the MovieWorks Cinema will reopen with NEW movies! The New Mutants and Unhinged will play along with Christopher Nolan's Inception  — 10th Anniversary Event!

These shows of Inception will also be including preview footage of Tenet, which opens on September 3rd. Early shows of Tenet will begin on Monday, August 31st! 

Showtimes will be posted soon!

The return to the movies will not be without some changes for the safety of our staff and our customers. More will be posted on that as well. Stay safe, everyone. And see you at the movies very soon!

It's happening!

Published on August 22, 2020

Good news, everyone! We have some movies to play. The plan is to open the MovieWorks Cinema on Friday, August 28th!

Movies and showtimes will be posted on Monday! Check back for more details. See you soon!!

Film Releases Continue to be Postponed

Published on August 6, 2020

Hello Everyone,

We miss you. We miss being at the movies.

We know that many of you are eager to get back to “normal” life with your favorite movie theaters being a part of that normal. While we don’t know of any COVID transmissions in any theaters that have opened, we also know that many patrons – and health experts – still see going to the movies as a risk not worth taking.

Hollywood continues to push major releases further back—many into 2021. The pushbacks are fueled by continued shutdowns in major cities and capacity restrictions everywhere else. As soon as Hollywood is ready to distribute their new movies, rest assured we will be showing them. In the meantime, stay safe. This won’t last forever.

Please listen to the health experts. Wash your hands. Be good humans.

Film Releases Postponed... again

Published on July 1, 2020

Hi Folks, As you all know, things keep changing. Our best guess for reopening the MovieWorks Cinema is now early August. We are at the mercy of Hollywood releases to drive attendance and Hollywood continues to push back the release of big movies because theaters in many parts of the country are not able to open.

So as excited as we were to see all your smiling eyes and mask covered faces back at the movies, we’re just going to have to wait a little longer.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Be good humans.

Yet Another Updated Opening Date for MovieWorks Cinema

Published on June 22, 2020

Hi folks, Sorry for all the changes... We are now back to opening the MovieWorks Cinema on Friday, July 10th! Yahooo!!!

The first couple weeks we will be showing some old favorites at discounted prices as we prepare for new movie releases later in the month. I don't know about you, but the thought of sitting in one of our luxury recliners, nibbling on some delicious buttered popcorn and zoning out to whatever is playing on the big screen sounds A-MAZ-ING right now.

So while we won't be showing anything "new" in the first couple of weeks, we really hope that you come by, take advantage of the admission discounts, and indulge in some entertainment outside of your house. 

We will see you at the movies... soon.

Updated (Again) Opening Date for MovieWorks Cinema 

Published on June 16, 2020

Our target date for re-opening is now Friday, July 17th.

Things will be a little different on your next trip to the cinemas, but we’ll still be the cinemas you know and love. Reminders to social distance will be displayed throughout the cinemas. The concession area will be adapted to flow from a payment and order zone to a food pickup zone. Seat plans will be set up to automatically keep groups physically distanced from each other. Showtimes will be staggered to accommodate for less crowding in the lobby and hallways. Cleaning will be a constant. Surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day and evening. Our luxury recliners—which have an antimicrobial finish—will be sanitized nightly and between shows. We want to make the return to the movies as safe as possible.

The first week of opening we plan to bring some of the old favorites mentioned in our last update to The MovieWorks at a reduced price.

Disney’s live-action epic, MULAN opens July 24th. The release of this highly anticipated movie signals the return of the Hollywood wide releases to the nation’s movie theatres for the first time since March. A most welcome sign of things returning to normal.

Following MULAN, on July 31st is Christopher Nolan’s new film TENET.

Russell Crowe’s thriller UNHINGED will likely open on July 24th or July 31st along with Steve Carell’s comedy IRRESISTIBLE.

WONDER WOMAN has been pushed back to October 2nd.

The MovieWorks Popcorn Drive-Through is coming. We hope to have this service up and running soon.

As you may have noted, things have a way of changing these days, so it is a good idea to check back here or call the MovieLine (307-733-4939) frequently for the latest updates.

Until then, stay safe. Don’t leave your toys outside in the rain. Enjoy the shimmering aspen leaves. And I look forward to seeing you "at the movies!”

Updated Opening date for MovieWorks Cinema

Published on June 6, 2020

We have been busy since our last update planning and adapting for our re-opening with increased sanitization and social distancing practices.

Our target date for re-opening is now (it has changed a lot) Friday, July 10th.

On this date we plan to bring some old favorites to The MovieWorks so you can once again experience the magic of the movies in a movie theatre where they were made to be seen. Titles we are considering are: SHANE, THE GOONIES, GREASE and perhaps some newer titles of independent films like FIRST COW. Stay tuned for confirmation of these or other titles. 

During this re-opening period we will fine-tune our new safety protocols and practices. We’ll see what works and what doesn’t and institute any necessary changes to keep you safe and healthy. We’re excited to welcome you back to the movies to enjoy the comfort of our luxury recliners and some delicious hot buttered popcorn! 

On July 17th Hollywood is Back! Christopher Nolan’s new film TENET and Russell Crowe’s new thriller UNHINGED will both open at The MovieWorks followed the next week by Disney’s long awaited MULAN.

You can also look forward to our planned MovieWorks Popcorn Drive-Through. Give us a call with your order (popcorn, candy, fountain drinks) then swing by the MovieWorks and your order will be waiting for you. You don’t even have to get out of your car! Is that great, or what?!

Any and all aspects of this current plan are subject to change.

Until then, stay safe. Don’t leave your crayons in the sun. Make sure your dog has fresh water. And I look forward to seeing you "at the movies!”


Wyoming Statewide Health Orders Allow Cinemas to Open – May 14, 2020

The Jackson Hole Cinemas will open again, but not yet.

The safety of our customers and our staff is our #1 priority. We know that many of you are eager to get out of the house to enjoy some delicious buttered popcorn and the diversion of a movie without the distractions of your household — and in the comfort of our luxury recliners — but you will just have to wait. We also know that many of you will probably not return to the cinemas for a long time and we will miss you. For both extremes, and everyone in the middle, please know that we are going to do our best to provide a safe environment for your outside-of-the-house entertainment needs.

“The Movies” have long been a place of refuge in times of uncertainty, alas a pandemic changed all that. Right now, with restrictions easing and few cases in Teton County, it is probably safe to open the movies, but does it “feel” safe? While restrictions are in place to keep people safe, restrictions and guidelines do not give many of us the actual feeling of safety. How will things change in the coming weeks after restrictions have eased here and in other parts of the country? There are a lot of unknowns for the immediate future.

Still, we are looking towards the future with optimism and have set a tentative opening date for June 26, 2020. We don’t expect (nor do we want) a mad rush on opening day. We hope to ease you back into the movies and feeling safe before any big releases.

Notable summer releases (all still subject to change) are Christopher Nolan’s TENET on July 17, Disney’s MULAN on July 24, and WONDER WOMAN 1984 on August 14.

Until we say “see you at the movies,” stay safe.

Cinemas Close as a Precautionary Measure to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 - March 16, 2020

The Jackson Hole Cinemas has sadly decided to close the Twin Cinema and The MovieWorks Cinema for the foreseeable future as this global pandemic continues to spread across the U.S.
We had hoped to stay open to provide, as cinemas have done in the past, a place of refuge and escape in times of crisis. But in this case, we fear we could potentially make the problem worse by risking the health and safety of our staff and our beloved customers.

We will reassess the situation in the coming weeks and provide updates as necessary on this page.

In the meantime, let us all look forward to that happy time when we can once again say: “See You At The Movies!"

Movie News:
Film Companies have temporarily pulled from release the following films:

COVID-19 information for our patrons - March 13, 2020

We at the Jackson Hole Cinemas (MovieWorks Cinema and the Jackson Hole Twin Cinema) want to assure the community that we are taking extra precautions to protect the health of our customers and employees, and will continue to be a welcoming place for a much needed escape in this time of uncertainty.

The health of our community, staff and patrons is our highest priority. At this time, we will only offer 50% of our seats in order to provide movie-goers safe distance from each other. We have increased the frequency, caliber and consistency of our cleaning practices in the auditoriums, at the concession stand, and the areas in between in accordance with the guidelines from the CDC and other authorities.

Staff who are exhibiting any symptoms are asked to stay home. We ask that patrons do the same.

We are closely monitoring this rapidly changing situation and will provide updates to our patrons as necessary.