The MovieWorks Cinema in Jackson Hole, WY strives to create the best moviegoing experience possible for all guests. MovieWorks is ADA compliant. We have both dedicated wheelchair spots and seats with transfer arms, which are flip-up armrest to accommodate someone transferring from a wheelchair to the chair. Please call or email for more information.
Closed caption receivers and HI-VI headsets (hearing impaired and visually impaired) are available so that everyone can fully enjoy their movie.
These assistive devices are available upon request for films encoded with captions or descriptions. Please view the short video below, courtesy of QSC, for a brief introduction to these assistive devices and how to use them!  
Please ask for a manager to set up the devices you need ahead of the movie.

HI/VI Headset

These headphones for HI (Hearing Impaired) and VI-N (Visually Impaired Narrative) audio allow users to hear the sound track and/or a description of the screen action. They are designed for low distortion and high clarity. The headphone provides DC and AC magnetic fields to drive automatic switching telecoils in hearing aids and also includes a 3.5mm jack to drive neck loops or direct audio inputs on hearing aids and implants. Visit for more information.

Closed Caption Receiver

The seat arm mounted closed caption receiver provides the patron with a private display that is attached by an angled flexarm with a base and built in cupholder. The optics present a distant virtual image to the user so the caption and movie screen can be viewed without refocusing the eye. The optics also reduces visibility of the display to other patrons.  Please visit for more information. 

Please contact us with questions about accessibility options at the MovieWorks Cinema.
Business Office 307-733-6939